Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

The word for this Christmas was "calm". All around it has been a calm holiday season. Usually we do a big to-do on Christmas Eve, but this year, we all opted for a quiet evening at home, just us. We still did our traditional Puerto Rican Christmas Eve dinner... Arroz con Gandules (Rice w/ pigeon peas) & Pernil (fresh ham) and went to mass.

I was anxious about taking Jaxon to mass (remember the Jesus story), but I had a new cute dress to wear!

On the way to St. Rita in Desert.

Thankfully, Jaxon didn't yell out "JESUS" like we all thought he would, but there was a box of diapers under a Christmas tree that he noticed right away. "Mama, dose diapers are for Jesus? He have to change his poopy diaper. Jesus wears diapers." The highlight was watching him dance in the aisle (thankfully we were WAAAY in the back, in the lobby really) and listening to him sing Silent Night, which he changed the lyrics to "Little John. John John John. Little John." Don't ask me why.

Dancing and snacking

Oh and Santa showed up!!Mama & Jaxon looking at Santa.
Then we headed back home to have dinner, hang out & get ready for Santa.
He had to have his picture taken in front of the "manger"
"No touch the ornaments. I no touch dat."
Uhh, yeah. Someone forgot his own rule!Before dinner, we had to have some family pictures!

If you want a good family picture taken, call my brother. He's the only one that is able to take a good picture of the 3 of us!
"Abu, I yick you ahh up."

Time to leave cookies & milk for Santa
Whose grand idea was it to let Jaxon carry the plate of cookies?Fresh cookies, much better
Santa enjoyed the snack! He even left a little note.

After we left cookies & milk, we exchanged new pajamas... which is my FAVORITE Christmas tradition. Somehow, I managed to not get pictures :( The last two years, my mom and I have gotten each other the same, if not similar, pjs. This year, she was smart and shopped for my jammie at a store I don't shop. Oh well.

The only picture I got of our jammies. My brother & me

Apparently, Jaxon was on the Nice List.

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