Sunday, November 28, 2010


With only 2 days left of NaBloPoMo I have run out of things to blog about. So today I have a story that may be TMI, but funny nontheless.
We started the painful, slow, process of potty training a few months ago. Like all moms who have potty trained before me, treats are the way to go when Jaxon goes. And like all moms with toddlers know that the moment you walk into the bathroom to go by yourself, your toddler, no matter how occupied & quiet he may be, decides he needs you. It's like they have a radar, the moment you walk into the bathroom and unbutton your pants.. BAM! There's your kid!
Not too long ago, I snuck away to the bathroom and a little person quickly followed. As I am doing my business, Jaxon says, "Mama, you going poop? I wipe your butt and give you a treat!"
There you go.TMI. Sorry.
2 more days to go! Yipee!


Nicole said...

That is awesome. It will be even better when he does that to you in a public restroom!!

Adam and Samantha said...

awww how sweet, he wants you to get a treat! Good luck potty training! It only took Ethan about 8 months! Hopefully Jaxon won't take that long!

Anabelle said...

Sam, we're on the same track! He was doing really well for about 2 weeks and now he tells me, "I'll just go in my diaper. You change me." GRRR!