Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Day after Thanksgiving

The Day after Thanksgiving was spent with my grandma and Aunt. The 3 of us took Jaxon to the Reid Park Zoo for a little bit.

Love this picture! I've never seen a giraffe drink water. Quite a sight.
Our good friend's (Brooks) grandfather has a bench in his honor at the zoo. Of course Jax had to have his picture taken on it! Jaxon & the tiger, "He no eat me!"Checking out the crocodile with Titi Wanda. "He no bite me!"

"I no go in der."

Once home the adults played an intense game of Parcheesi (and enjoyed a few frosty beverages).

While we played, Jaxon stole our dice and built dice towers

27 Days down 3 more to go!!!

Can you hear my excitement?

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