Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm home from Tucson after spending 5 days with my family. Now I am back home sans Jaxon. Brian & I decided to let him stay in Tucson for a few extra days with my parents. Brian will bring him back on Thursday. Not sure who's idea this was originally or why I agreed, but the house is too quiet and I feel like I am missing my right arm. I miss my boy something fierce and it's only been 5 hours since I last saw him!

Thankfully, my lists will get me through! I have several lists going of things to be accomplished in the next 3 days... Where to go on Thursday (my day off), What TV episodes to watch on DVR, What computer work needs to be done, Which Christmas Decorations need to be put up, etc, etc. Yes, I know I have OCD when it comes to lists.

Anywho, last night I set up the timer on my camera and attempted to get a good picture of the entire family. Sigh. That was a LOT of work!

Attempt #1:
Jax isn't looking (typical) and Jose & Brian are making faux gang signs (seriously? How old are they!?!)

Attempt #2:
Jax is screaming because he wants to sit on my lap & Jose looks like he's trying to channel the devil.

Attempt # 5 (there were a few more in between the two)
The best of the bunch, but of course, my grandma is not looking. Sigh.

My mom and her kids.

Jose & Jaxon

LOVE him to pieces!

I was so happy to be with my family on Thanksgiving and so grateful to spend a few days with my grandmother and aunt. I'm happy that my son is able to get to know his great grandma & great aunt. Thank you Abuela & Titi for visiting! Hopefully there will be a trip to Puerto Rico in the not-so-distant future so he can spend time with the rest of his family. This trip made me even more excited for this summer. I CANNOT wait to finally be living in Tucson and having family time much more often.

Tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo! Yeehaw!

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