Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rules Shouldn't be Broken

I've said before that my rule in public is to always keep Jaxon either in his stroller or in the shopping cart. I don't think I have ever let him walk around a store, and now I know why!
After we voted last week, I had to get a couple of things at the grocery store. I had worked all day, my back hurt, I was tired so I thought, "I don't want to lift Jaxon into a cart, I'll just let him walk. We'll be in and out." Oh dear, never again!
He had a blast, but it wasn't in and out and it was more exhausting chasing after him. Plus the evil looks I got from people were not so nice. I'm sticking with the rules from now on!
Helping Mama

Not so much helping

Jaxon did not wet his pants. On the way to the store he felt it necessary to pour his water all over his lap.

I'm getting there! 10 down 20 to go!

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Sarah said...

hee hee :) i love that he has water all over his pants, what a boy!