Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Part 2

We first celebrated Halloween with a party at Gymboree!
I am going to admit the first 20 minutes we were there were AWFUL!!! Remember how he said he wouldn't wear his costume? Yeah. He wasn't kidding. I literally put it on him kicking and screaming in the car. It was terrible. I would put one leg on and while putting the other one on he'd kick and the 1st leg would come out. It was miserable. I probably should have just turned the car on and gone back home. But I just couldn't. I was looking forward to this party and I just knew Jaxon would have fun. I knew it. So I stayed. I threatened, but it was an empty threat & I'm sure he knew it (although we have left Gymboree once before because of his rotten behavior.)
Things didn't get too much better when we walked in. I really was regretting my stubbornness to stay and see the party through. Plus I was also cursing Brian for not being there. After about 10 minutes into the party, I had a Come-to-Jesus talk with my little boy and miraculously he stopped being a snot (I truly hate to say that, but he was really being a snot, no ifs ands or buts about it!) and had fun! It turned out to be a blast! The teachers did a great job setting it all up. We ♥ Gymboree!!

There's a very grumpy T-Rex in there!

He kept the head on just long enough to take these pictures.And off came the hat

Mama & T-RexThe Gymboree Teachers. From L to R Ms. Chris, Ms. Kim, Ms. Amber & Ms. AlysiaEveryone's favorite part of his costume was the tail!

"Hewo! I hiding!"

Catching Spiders

Ghost Hunting

In the Parachute Haunted House

Jaxon's favorite part? The Cheetos snack at the end!

Tomorrow... Trick-or-Treating!


Nicole said...

I am so happy he wore most of his costume! We have never been to Gymboree, but it looks like a ton of fun! Did you guys go trick-or-treating?

Anabelle said...

Nicole, Gymboree is a TON of fun! It's too bad that the one in Tucson is way on the northwest side. When we move back, I may have to sacrife and drive far for it. Yes, we did go trick-or-treating. Wait until today :)