Wednesday, November 3, 2010


No, Brian & I did not take up a new hobby. Although, Brian wants to buy a boat SOOOO badly! Thank goodness he started being recruited for the new job months ago and had loads of meetings, interviews & negotiations because that took his mind off of searching for the perfect boat.

But I digress. Boating is actually Jaxon's way of saying voting. Yesterday we did our civic duty and voted. I was a bit nervous since I wouldn't be going to the polling place until after school and had to take Jax with me. I was envisioning how it was for the presidential primary election, when I had to wait in line for about 5 hours! Thankfully things went smoothly and apparently everyone voted early.

I will say that I really had no idea who to vote for. Our candidates here in NM weren't much to right home about and honestly, I'm too pretty to do politics! :) (Just kidding, well, not really, I'm just not interested in it). So I voted straight ticket and for a couple of the bonds. I didn't even know who won governor until I saw it this morning on a billboard driving to Gymboree. I really should be ashamed.

I got out of the car at 4:51 pm

Jaxon's ready to "boat"!

Once inside Jaxon did not make friends. The lady voting next to me kept giving us looks and not "oh, you're so cute" looks, but "How dare you bring a child to a polling place!!" looks. The reason, Jax isn't exactly what you would call a quiet child. "Mama, where we boating? Mama, who you boating for. Mama, where's daddeee? Mama, where we go? Mama, dis is ankylosaurus. Mama, where are we? Mama, you boating?" and on and on. I tried to my best to keep him quiet, but he isn't a very good listener either. The funniest part was when we got to the car he says, "Mama, I was quiet. So quiet. You proud of me." Yeah right!!

And out by 5:03!! Not to shabby! That even included transporting Jaxon in and out of the carseat.

I know I promised Halloween part 2, but I lied! You got "boating" instead. Halloween tomorrow, I promise!

Day 3 down! 27 more to go!

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Ami said...

Well, after taking Screaming Ethan to the grocery store yesterday, I can be sure I'll never take my 3 to the "boating" place! I like how he thought he was so quiet..sure buddy. You keep tellin' yourself that! :)