Friday, November 5, 2010

For Halloween, Jaxon's babysitter, Frances, has all of the kids over for a little party and trick-or-treating. We had a great time last year and knew it would be even more fun this year since Jaxon LOVES all of the kids and their parents.

Having seen what Saturday was like, I was a wee bit nervous about Sunday. We talked about it in the morning, casually. We went to Target, talked about it on the way. I even took the head with us in case he wanted to wear it (he didn't). On the way back from Target I again brought up Halloween and that after naptime he would have to wear his costume to go to Frances' house. This is what happened

M - "Jax, when you wake up we are going to go to Frances' house for a party!"
J- "A party? Jacob be deare?"
M- "Yup. Jacob will be there and he's going to wear a costume?"
J- "He is? Who else be there?"
M- "Lala, Butter, Bella, Tyler..."
J- "Bewa be there?"
M- "Yes Bella will be there too."
J- "I wear my costume for Bewa! I show Bewa my T-Rex costume. Bewa will yike my costume."

Oh yes. He wore his costume for Bella! Bella is Lala's older sister (3rd grade) and apparently Jaxon has a little crush on her!

Because of Bella we had this...

A happy T-Rex!

Visiting our neighbor Kevin first.

If you look closely inside the pumpkin, you can see Puppy. He had to have him in there he said, "Papi wants to go trick-or-treating too. He make me feel better"

Off to Frances' we went!

The pirate is Jacob and he is Jaxon's BFF! Seriously. They hug each other when they leave & when they arrive at Frances' house.

Bella is Daphne in the pink dressTrick-or-treating with his buddy."I take a wittle rest okaaay."Back at the house this is the only picture I got. Hours later and he was still wearing the costume! I so wish I would have had my video camera because he was shaking his tail like nobody's business. It was HILARIOUS!

We had a great time. Jaxon had so much fun! This is the way to do it, get friends together and go trick-or-treating as a group.

5 down 25 to go.

What will I blog about tomorrow?

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Nicole said...

Yay for Jaxon!! He is a super cute Dino!