Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We are Ninjas of Efficiency & Organization.

Oh yes we are! You have to be when you are crazy enough to have your friend with triplets drive 7 hours for a weekend visit! And by "we" I mean Ami & I (because we all know husbands aren't so much!)
It was The Bunch Families 2nd (well 4th if you count sans babies & 6th if you count Ami's visits) annual visit to The Land of Enchantment and once again we had a wonderful time. I am constantly amazed at how relaxed and easy it is for them to visit us. I am also amazed at how well our kids played together. There really was no issue with the kids getting along. They walked into our house and made themselves at home, as if they come here every day. I also have to give Jaxon LOTS of kudos here! We all know that 2-year-olds aren't exactly known for sharing, but Jax did great! He had no problem sharing ALL of his toys with not just one, but THREE kids. I can honestly say, that Jaxon has never had any friends his age visit and I was genuinely concerned. The only issue was the first day when he would announce, "That's MY car. That MY airplane.", but that seemed to go away in less than 24 hours. I was seriously impressed.

Okay now on to what you really want to see... PICTURES! And yes, I was at this little gathering, there is just no proof of it!

We got lots of outside play time!
At one point Brian Pearson was left alone with all 4 kids and Ami & I worried a bit, but when we walked out he had it ALL under control!

Dinner Time!
For the record, my future daughter-in-law liked my cooking!

And yes, that is my BIG boy sitting in a big boy chair and drinking from a big boy cup. Sniff sniff. What's next, potty training and a toddler bed???

We also did a group bath! Now, I did take pictures, but it was hard to crop out all of the "parts". Here's a picture of what Jaxon thought of the whole thing. I think he was a bit overwhelmed!

How cute is he??

With Friday came a trip to the ZOO! Our favorite!

This one's to prove that we did see animals!

Waiting for lunch to be served.

See, he's even sharing his sippy cup!

Of course Ami & I wanted pictures of the 4 kids together. Well, that didn't happen so much!

Clearly, Ethan did NOT want his picture taken!

Back at home... more play time!

LOVE how Colton is sitting on the chair.


Who knows what this is...

Playing nicely in the sandbox... they ♥ each other!

There's nothing better than kids in footie jammies!

Colton diggin' the chair!

Jaxon was drinking out of Brian's cup and Colton was fascinated! It was so funny to watch him watch Jaxon. He was so serious.

After morning play time we headed to Rudy's BBQ for lunch. No pictures were taken to capture this even, but it was delicious!

This weekend was also the 1st weekend of Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta. So, just like last year, we loaded up the strollers, jackets, hats, snacks, sippy cups and kids and headed to Balloon Fiesta Park.

And just like last year, the Balloon Glow was canceled! {Sigh}After we walked 5 miles to the gate (ok, so maybe not exactly 5 miles... but it sure felt like it! I mean look at the path behind them, plus we had WAY more to walk!)

Ami & I must be glutens for punishment, because in the last few minutes before the Bunches headed out, we tried one last time for a group kid picture.

Ethan was ready! Jax & Colton, not so much!

Since just sitting on a bench wasn't torturous enough, let's add some Halloween headbands!
Could Ethan be any happier? Could Jaxon be any more dramatic?!

That's all folks! Another Pearson-Bunch Bonanza for the record books! Keep 'em coming!

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Ami said...

Don't worry! When I post my pictures, you'll see lots of pictures of you! And I don't have hardly any of me on mine! :) Funny! Those were good times!