Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lola Visits!

My mom came to visit this past weekend. She booked her flight back in August, but I decided not to tell Jaxon that she was coming. Can you imagine what those days would have been like? "Is Yoya here?" "When's Yoya's coming?" "Yoya to my house?" I mean, it would have been endless. As the days got closer, my mom and I began to worry a bit. You see, for some reason Jaxon wasn't too enthused with Lola. He was all about Abu and Abu wasn't coming.

One day, I was on the phone with her and put Jaxon on. This is how the conversation went:
Lola: "Hi Jaxon."
Jaxon: "Hi Yoya."
L: How are you?"
J: "I not coming to your house. Mama says no."
L: "Well, how about if Lola comes to your house? Would you like that?"
J: "Uhhh. Nah."
L: "You don't want to see Lola?"
J: "No. I no see Yoya. I see Abu."

Things didn't get much better. My mom was worried he was going to send her away when he saw her at the airport. Thankfully he was SUPER happy to see her! They had a great visit. He was quite smitten with her and would not leave her side.
Here's a quick video of Jaxon when we finally pull up to the curb.

One of the best part of her visit was each morning when I went into his room, the first thing he would say was, "Where's Rora? I go wake her up." (For some reason, Jax is now calling my mom by her first name, Aurora, which comes out as "Rora".) He would make a beeline to her room, walk in with the BIGGEST, SWEETEST smile on his face and say, "Hi Rora. Mornin'. I here."

Of course, one of Jaxon's favorite parts of her visit was the gifts she brought. It was a little bit like Christmas in September for him.

Fire Trucks that make siren noises!

A Delta plane from Abu and some Matchbox cars, which came in a set of 5, but who knows where the other 3 went!

Crayola Wonder Paint

Even I got a little something!

Jaxon & Lola did LOTS and LOTS of playing. He really thinks that she is his playmate... "Rora pay bocks wif me? Rora pay puzzles wif me? Rora pay cars wif me? Rora read me story. Rora pay football wif me?" and on and on it went.

The small pictures were from my mom's camera & I have no idea why they are small!

Lola taught him how to make a fish face.

Each night I would ask Jaxon who he wanted to read his bedtime story, Me or Lola. And each night he said, "Rora." One night he even went as far as saying, "Go be sad Mama. Go. Rora read to me." Seriously! What am I raising here??

He had to put his sunglasses on his head because Lola had them on hers!

The next video is of Jaxon waking up after I have taken Lola to the airport. I was really worried it was going to be disastrous since Mom told him she would be there when he woke up from his nap (we didn't think he'd sleep so long & Brian came home in time to stay with him). Thankfully he took it fairly well.

Mom, we are so glad you came! We had a great time with you here. Jaxon Can't wait for your next visit!


Ami said...

Okay number one, LOVE the new floors! Gorgeous! Number two, that Crayola Wonderpaint is MY FAVORITE. That's what I have the babies paint with...cuz it only shows on THAT paper!! Three, that is not Premier Jewelry. I shall have to bestow some upon you. It is pretty though! Fourth, I find it freaking hilarious that he's now on a first name basis with gramma! Fifth, I shall see you in 5 days! :) Woo hoo!

Aurora I Rios said...

I had a great time with Jaxon too! I can't believe how much he talks and how big he is I love that little boy!! Did I say he is something else?

Sarah said...

ok i only have one thing to say, unlike ami;) that is one cute little man you have!