Monday, October 18, 2010

ABQ in October is THE BEST!

Seriously, I LOVE Albuquerque in October! The weather starts cooling off, the leaves turn color and balloons are up in the air! It is a sight I never get tired of... Driving to work and watching the hot air balloons float through the sky. I will truly miss that about Albuquerque.
The first 2 weeks of October are Balloon Fiesta week. As you know, for the past 2 years we have tried to go to the Balloon Glow in the evening with the Bunches. A Balloon Glow is when all of the hot air balloons turn their burners on once the sun goes down. It is really cool, they literally "glow". Well, the last 2 years the glow has been canceled due to bad weather (that I will not miss). Brian & I knew that this would most likely be our last October in ABQ so we made it a point to take Jaxon to a Mass Ascension before the Fiesta was over. The thing about the Mass Ascension is that it starts at 6:45 am! No joke. We left our house at 6:00 am. UGH! But it was SOOO worth it! Thankfully, it has been an unusually warm October so it wasn't freezing cold like it usually is.
Of course, Jaxon LOVED it! He has been into looking for balloons in the morning in our backyard or on the way to his babysitter's. So to be up close was great for him.
If you ever find yourself in ABQ for the Balloon Fiesta, I highly recommend going to a Mass Ascension on a week day. There was hardly any traffic, parking was easy and the crowd was not as bad as on the weekends.
Warning... There are LOTS of pictures!
Enjoying some cereal on the go.

I was looking forward to the Breakfast Burritos. Sooo Good!

I loved the farm scene under the balloon.


I made sure there was proof I was there this time!

I wish there weren't so many people in the background. Guess this won't be our Christmas card picture. I'm telling you... loads of balloon pictures!Yes, this is a hot air balloon! Jaxon was in awe.
All I ever ask for is a good family picture... is that too much to ask??

I cannot tell you how incredibly nervous this makes me! I NEVER let Jaxon out of his stroller in public places like this. The only place is the zoo. He doesn't walk in stores or at the mall no where. So to let him walk around by himself with thousands of people gave me a little panic attack! This is me trying to hold his hand and him saying, "No Mama! I walk myself. Weave me Awone!"

He did make a friend.

My 2 handsome boys

There were about 500 balloons on the field

So pretty...

My sweet boy! Safe & sound in his stroller... just how I like it :)

The crew for the Darth Vader balloon are dressed as Storm Troopers!

Jaxon's favorite balloon

The highlight for Jaxon was not the balloons. It was the firetruck we saw on the way out!

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Sarah said...

LOVE all the balloon pics! i'm a little sad we won't get to come visit you for the balloon fiesta but not really cuz i am so happy you guys are moving back to tucson!!! :)