Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Kid!

I have never had a toddler before so I don't know if they all come up with crazy things, but Jaxon comes up with crazy ideas! The other day he drug his rocking horse into the living room from the playroom (why wouldn't he? why should toys stay in the playroom?) and was pretending to be a cowboy. Complete with cowboy hat and lasso! So cute.

That's not the crazy part. Later, I was talking to my mom on the phone and of course Jaxon had to talk to her too. Well, he takes the phone and says, "I take you for a ride."Puts the phone on the horse and takes Lola for a ride! Hilarious! Who thinks of that? Are all toddlers so creative?

The next day, he and I are sitting on the couch and he says, "Shhh. T-Rex coming." Yes, he now sees dinosaurs and says they are coming to our house. Anyway, so I play along for a bit. Then he says, "I talk to T-Rex. I tell him about my owie." "You're going to tell T-Rex about your owie?" "Yeah. Call him." "What do you mean call him?" "On da phone. Call T-Rex on da phone and I tell him about my owie." OKAAAAY. What do I do? I can't call Brian because he is on a plane. Of course!

Call Lola and Abu! I call and tell my mom that Jaxon wants to talk to T-Rex. So guess who comes to the phone as T-Rex? Abu to the rescue! He gets on the phone using his best dinosaur voice and I sooo wish I would have had my video camera. Jaxon's face was priceless! For a few seconds he actually thought he was talking to T-Rex! Then he realized it was Abu and started giggling, "ABUUU! Abu!" It was so stinkin' cute! Abu was quite the sport! I think he won Grandfather of the Year that night!

Since I'm writing about cute things Jaxon says... I put him in time out the other morning for throwing a tantrum. Usually when his 2 minutes are up, I go over to him tell him why he went to time out, make him say sorry then give him a hug. Well, that particular morning I was at my wits end with him and really didn't feel like talking to him. So, when the timer went off, I just told him he was done and could go play. He comes over to me gives me a hug and says, "Sowee Mama. You be nice to me now!" Seriously!!! I could not believe it! He almost went back to time out, but I really didn't want another 2 minutes of screaming.

This kid is incorrigible!

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