Friday, July 2, 2010

Tucson Children's Museum

During our 4 week stay in Tucson, my mom & I took Jaxon to the Tucson Children's Museum. I was really excited because they had a dinosaur exhibit and I knew Jaxon was going to LOVE it. He did love it, but not more than the real, live firetruck. He could not get enough of it! We spent 2 hours going back and forth from the firetruck to the dinosaurs and back to the firetruck. I had to drag him from the firetruck to see the other exhibits and we'd only be in there for a few minutes before he wanted to go back to the firetruck or dinosaur room.

I driving!

Riding the TPD motorcycle

Driving Mama to an emergency

Jaxon driving the firetruck to the dinosaurs!
Here's a video of Jaxon going into the Dinosaur exhibit for the first time.
I love this video, because Jaxon was talking to the dinosaurs! I love his facial expression. Whatever he's saying it seems important!

With Lola in the Dinosaur roomJaxon named the T Rex "Alvin"! Where'd he get that?

Hi Alvin!

Before we left he had to have a snack with the dinosaurs.

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Sarah said...

i love that he knows the names of the dinosaurs! what a smart boy you have! thanks for updating your blog so frequently! i love having stuff to read every day while i'm stuck at home holding the baby :)