Friday, July 2, 2010


Ever since I have been pregnant with Jaxon I have done things to prepare him for kindergarten. I know, he's just a baby, but still. I have seen LOTS of kindergarten kids and their parents and believe me, it's not always a pretty picture! Whenever my kindergarten team and I are discussing our students (only in a professional way of course) I always say, "I'm doing my best to raise a great kindergartener for you!" And it's true. We read everyday, we sing, we talk about everything, we limit TV time, we say nursery rhymes, we play outside, we do fine motor & gross motor activities. This kid is going to be ready for kindergarten if it kills me! So, I also measure Jaxon's "smartness" by what an incoming kindergartener would know. Jaxon knows almost all of the colors, shapes, letters & numbers (0-10) and can sort of count & say the alphabet. I'm not kidding you when I say that I have at least 2 kids a year that don't know this much on the first day of kindergarten! So I figure, Jax must be pretty smart right?

Well, his latest thing is to count. It is the cutest thing! He likes to count down to things, like if he's going to slide down the slide, "ooonnnne. ttttwwwwoooo." Most of the time he goes, "1, 2, fiiiive." Hilarious! (not when he's in kindergarten though.)

So I tried to capture his counting on camera. He starts off by searching for one of Handy Manny's tools, Philipe ("Hipe"). Which he doesn't find. Then he ingnores me and throws a golf ball in the house, then he counts ( I think to avoid going to time out!)

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Sarah said...

that is too cute! i love that he throws zero in after ten! :)