Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Be Young & Care Free

This evening was spent in my very favorite way... outside with my boy & dog running around having a blast. These days, being outside means bubbles & water.

But, before we headed outside, Jaxon put on his new Diego sunglasses. He was so proud of himself because he put them on himself...

"I did it! I put on!"

Oh no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, they are indeed on upside down!

LOVE IT! Now time for some water! The point of the hose is to fill up his little plastic pool. But Jaxon being your typical 2 year old, has his own agenda.

He felt the rocks were thirsty.

"Yook! I wader gwass."

Then he watered the owie on his foot.

And then he watered Mama.

While all of this watering was going on, Lucy was wandering if she should get in the pool.

Jaxon finally decided to join her.

He refused to take his shirt off, but after a minute of it being wet, he FREAKED out and had to have it off

Then he got cold & hungry, so in we went where he had to put on his robe (per his request) and have a bowl full of snack (another Jaxon request... yes, he is quite bossy that little one!)

After his snack it was time to "breafe" and watch Diego with a nice cold glass of orange juice.

Thanks to Brooks & Rebecca, Jax no longer has to share his little share with Lucy. He has a nice big chair with his name on it that Lucy is not allowed to sit on.

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