Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In 10...

I just checked my friends Ami & Nicole's blogs and they both did a blog about where they will be in 10 years. It got me thinking about where my little family would be, plus it meant doing a post that didn't involve uploading pictures, so why not? Here we go...

1. I will be 41 (gulp) years old and Brian will be 43 (YIKES!). We will have been married for 16 years (double gulp).

2. Jaxon will be 12 and in 6th grade... oh dear god! That scares the crap out of me. That means he won't be at my school anymore and I won't be able to help him with his math homework. Well, I'll be honest, those days will have been long over once he got into 3rd grade!

3. Maybe Jaxon will have a sibling (that's a BIG maybe and probably not likely, so please don't hound me about it).

4. We will be living in Tucson in a one-story house with 4 bedrooms, a den, an enclosed playroom, a 3 car garage and a pool. (the Tucson part is one of those unrealistic fantasies I'm known for. In all reality, we will probably still be in ABQ. boo)

5. Get A Grip will be doing VERY well, maybe we'll own another franchise.

6. Brian will be a manager for a medical company or will be running Get A Grip full-time.

7. I will be working part-time, maybe as a teacher or helping Brian with Get A Grip, and volunteering at Jaxon's school on my days off. I'd love to be a room mom and actively involved in the PTA, although, if Jax is in middle school he probably won't want me around school. Sad.

8. IF there is a sibling for Jaxon, then I will be his/her room mom!

9. I will have gone through a maximum of 5 radioactive treatments, body scans & ultrasounds and all of them will come back clear.

10. We will have taken 10 family summer vacations to San Diego, and maybe Brian & I will be able to get away a couple of times on our own. Our next dream vacation.... Portugal! (Watch last weeks episode of The Bachelorette and you'll want to go too!)

11. We'll be having family dinners (Pearsons & Rios together) each Sunday. That is the one thing I miss the most about not living near family.

12. My brother will be married to a nice girl and have at least one baby who will call me Titi (Auntie). His wife and I will be good friends who will go on shopping trips and mornings out to Starbucks. (This is another one of those fantasies)

13. I will be the mom that is home after school for Jaxon, with a nice snack ready. I'll even have a nice little treat fresh from the oven... chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Rice Crispy treats...

14. Lucy (who will be 16) will be waiting for Jaxon to come home from school, by the front door each day. Just like our dog, Muffin, used to do for my brother & I each day.

15. My house will be neat and organized.


Ami said...

Is it weird that I even got teary at the thought of Jaxon growing up like I got teary at the thought of my own kids growing up? The only thing you really forgot or got wrong was that you forgot about the twin girls you promised for my boys..I'll let you think about it. I won't hound you outside of this comment. :)

Anabelle said...

Not weird, Ami. I did the same thing when I read your "In 10". Um I would like to think that even the thought of Jax having a sibling encompassed the twin girl thing. I just forgot to add the plural. :)