Monday, July 5, 2010

The 3rd of July??

I will admit, that I was VERY BAD about taking the "right" pictures this 4th. I think it was because we weren't really in the mood for the 4th. You see, we live in a smallish city right outside of Albuquerque and the city decided to do their celebrations on the 3rd. I mean really?? Who decides to have the 4th of July parade & fireworks on the 3rd? Apparently, Rio Rancho does. Strange. Anywho... it was weird. We didn't go to the 3rd of July parade because 1) Brian was playing in the Member-Member Club Tournament (which he and he partner won by the way!) and 2) I decided to take Jaxon to an actual 4th of July parade in a neighboring town with a friend.
One of the things I truly love about living where we do (besides its super-close proximity to Target, I could walk if I was so inclined!) is that we have the BEST view of the fireworks EVER! I'm not even exaggerating! They launch from a hill the next street over from us, so it's like we have our own private fireworks display. Since our view is so great, we invited some friends to come BBQ and celebrate the 3rd of July.

My little family before our friends come over.

Fireworks are also legal in New Mexico, so of course Brian had to go buy WAY too many fireworks. this is where I should have taken pictures, but didn't :( Jaxon loved, loved, loved watching the fireworks light up in our backyard. He seriously had to be dragged from them each time one was lit. His eyes would get really big and his mouth would make an "O" and he'd yell, "I heard dat! Fire! Wow! " It was priceless. But, I was a bad mom and took no pictures. I figured since he had such a great time in the backyard, in daylight hours, he would really enjoy the fireworks show.

WRONG! The minute the sun went down and we headed to the front yard Jaxon freaked out! He was crying, clinging to me and saying, "No fiworks, day scare me! No yike woof (wolf). Youd noise scare me. I go bed." So off to bed he went, but not before he called Abu & Lola to tell them about his scary night.

This is the ONLY picture I took that night.
Michelle & I enjoying some sparklers. Notice Lucy on my lap? Poor thing was shaking like a leaf.

Ok, so maybe 2 pictures were taken

I was a teeny bit better on the actual 4th of July. I even took a video!

Before the parade I wanted to get a picture of our 4th of July outfits, you know me, I have to have a special outfit for every occasion!

Loving my boy

Notice his hand? What's up with that?

We made it to the parade!

Of course, when we get to the parade my camera's battery light starts flashing. Super. I'm ready for pictures and the camera is going to die! So I had to be selective on my picture taking.

It was quite the parade. We saw all kinds of animals... lots of dogs festively dressed, clowns, firetrucks, bicycles. But my favorites....


Oh, these weren't the only goats at the parade. There was even one goat pulling a little wagon with two boys in it!

And what would a parade be without chickens in a cage! Yes, folks, those are 3 real live chickens in that cage. Not sure the purpose, but it sure was fun!

Jaxon's favorite!

He even pet 2 horses! My camera died right after the above picture was taken, so I have none of Jaxon petting the horses. My friend, Jana, took some so when she sends them to me I'll post them. He was SOOO excited! He was very tentative at first, but once he saw that I didn't get hurt or bitten by the horse he was all over it! After the first one he would yell, "Hoase stoooooppp! I pet you! Stoooooop I need to pet you!" to every. single. horse. that walked by. And let me tell you, there were at least 30!

After the parade, Jax took a nice long nap and then we headed to the pool.

Check out his swim trunks!

We stayed until after the pool closed and the staff decided to blow stuff up! Well, not really, but someone did throw an M-80 into the pool and the sound was deafening!

Not scared here.

We headed home to end the night quietly in our backyard.

But what's the real 4th of July without sparklers!

Finally, a smile for the camera! Maybe next time he'll look and smile!

Trying to get a family picture, but Jax walked off talking about "tooting" just as Brian snapped the picture. Boys!

Happy Independence Day, America!

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