Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Fun!

This past weekend we celebrated Jaxon's, much anticipated, 2nd birthday! Brian & I had been talking about this day for months and months. Would we have a party or not? That was the biggest decision. I kept going back and forth, back and forth. Finally we decided not to have a party. We figured, he was too young and would probably be overwhelmed. Plus I didn't feel up to having tons of people in our house. So, we decided to just spend a special day with Jaxon at the zoo and invite our close friends The Wilson's & our neighbors Kevin & Debby whom Jaxon just ADORES!

My parents also came to celebrate their favorite grandson's special day. We were looking forward to this visit for awhile & a few days before their arrived Jaxon said to me, "Mama, Oya find her. In closet." We looked in the closet. "Nofing dare. In bed." We looked in the guest bedroom, "Nofing dare. Are you Oya?" It was very cute. Another day he said, "Jacket on. Oya's house." As if all he needed was a jacket to get to Lola's house.

Checking out the hippos. Do you like his shirt? Yup, I made it

I made sure to get a picture with my boy on his birthday!

"Mama efant. Baby efant." Jaxon was quite enamored with the baby elephant. She was born in September and her name is Daisy. We saw her in October when we went with the Bunch Family. She has grown quite a bit since then!

The giraffe looks so short

Taking a lunch break. I have to say that I was a bit nervous about taking Jaxon out of his stroller. I envisioned him running all over and not eating any of his lunch. But he surprised us! He asked to take his shoes & socks off, then he sat like a nice little boy on the blanket the entire time. Maybe 2 suits him!
Brian was in charge of buying the hot dog and forgot to bring a fork and knife, but that didn't stop Jax! The funniest thing was that when he was done taking a bite, he would set it back inside the bun!

Mooching chips from Daddy.Take a break to stomp.How did he get so big?
LOVE this picture!
For whatever reason, Jaxon has been mad at my dad since he last saw him in March. No one knows why, but whenever we would talk about "Abu" or Skype, Jaxon would yell, "NO!" He even went as far as saying that "Abu pushed me, Jaxon." So when he went up to Abu to give him a hug we were all relieved! Peace at last! He even cried the biggest, saddest tears I've ever seen when we dropped Abu off at the airport on Sunday.

Jaxon talking about the zoo. My favorite part is when he tells me he's five! Not yet, Buddy! I'm not ready for a kindergartner in my house!

Not exactly sure what I'm doing here...Abu, Jaxon & Lola (or "Yoya" as Jaxon lovingly calls her)Jaxon was intrigued with the mountain lion. I am so bummed that I did not have the video camera on 2 seconds after this picture! The mountain lion turned around & looked straight at Jaxon. Jax took giant steps back, his eyes got as big as saucers, he pointed to the mtn. lion and yelled, "NICE!" Now, days later, all he talks about is the mountain lion. "Mount yion not nice. Mouf." I guess the his mouth made an impression!"Mon Yoya! See tiger. See 'em?"Taking a little break with LolaBrian, Jaxon & Lola chatting about the mountain lion.This is how Brian wanted to spend the day at the zoo."Fish! Right dare Abu!" It was actually the seals & sea lions, but heaven forbid Jaxon actually believe us. He kept insisting they were fish. We would say, "They're seals." And he would say, 'NO! Fish!" Oh well!

On our way out we stopped to see the fish. Jaxon threw some of his snack (Goldfish & pretzels) to the fish. Well, I don't think he expected the fish to actually eat it! You see, Jaxon does not share food! Watch the video and you will see how upset he gets. He is still talking about the fish eating his food!

Stay with it until 0:59 seconds

The theme to our "non-party", which my friend Sarah informed me was really a party since we had more than 2 people over, was DINOSAURS!

Playing with his birthday present from Mama & Daddy. Notice the flat balls on the grass? Yup, they're still flat. Our air pump is too big.

"Shoan" (Sloan) reading Jax a story.

The cake!
I ordered this from Wal-Mart. It was awesome! Who knew Wal-Mart made such cute cakes & tasty too.

Make a wish!

Singing "Happy Birthday"



Look what "Tevin" got Jaxon. A plethora of dinosaurs! Once he opened that one he forgot every other present.

Having fun with Kellen.

I love how great Kellen & Sloan are with Jaxon. They played with him all night. And when we go to the pool or get together on weekends, they take such good care of him, even when other kids their age are around. Makes me happy.

Our neighbor "Tevin" (Kevin) This picture reminds me that I completely spaced taking a group picture! GRR! It was something I told myself to do, but forgot.

My birthday tradition is to make a stepping stone with Jaxon. I will do one every year until he's 5 and then maybe for each milestone birthday (10, 13, 16). I doubt he'll go for the one at 16, but if he's a good son he will!

The first one we did was as a newborn. He screamed and screamed and screamed. It was a bit traumatic for him, Ami, Sarah & me. Last years, he screamed too and would not open his hand. This year he did better, still screamed but it was, "Wash 'em! Wash ands" He does NOT like to have his hands dirty!

I may actually do another one. Once this one dried it didn't turn out as nice as the other 2. I guess that's what happens when you choose to buy the cheaper kit!

It was a great day & weekend ALL about Jaxon! I had a blast with his grandparents and the special friends who came to celebrate.

Next blog... our new playroom & the saddest boy around!

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Sarah said...

is there ever a weekend that is NOT all about jaxon? ;) i love that joey doesn't share food! cracks me up!!!