Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playroom & Saying Goodbye

I have been after Brian to turn our den downstairs into a playroom for YEARS! Yes, even before Jax was born I had the idea in my head that the den would eventually become a playroom. Well, Brian had other plans and he won! The den was closed in 2 years ago and it became his office. Recently, I tried again and to no avail. My last option was to turn the dining room into the playroom, not an ideal choice since there is a dining table in there and there is no door, but I was running out of ideas and space for Jaxon's toys.

My parents came to the rescue! They ( my dad) took the leaf out and the two of us moved it a few different place until it looked right. Then Brian went to buy a shelf and we watched my dad put it together. I pretended to help, but didn't really. Aren't parents great? Wish we lived closer.

The rug is courtesy of kindergarten! It had been sitting in the garage for a year.

Now, the only problem is, is that he doesn't play by himself in there. He either drags one of us in there or his toys to the living room. Oh well. At least they aren't living in the living room full time. And we are working on putting things back after using them. He really does love the playroom. He walks in and says, "Wow! Toys!"

Jaxon enjoying his puzzles.

Playing with Lola before she leaves.
I mentioned in Jaxon's birthday post how sad he was when we dropped off my dad at the airport. He cried and cried and cried. It was the saddest thing. He had true, genuine, huge tears flowing. I told him Abu had to go to work (it's what we say when Daddy leaves) and that Abu flew airplanes. So Jaxon would say, "Jashun doe work. Jashun pain." (Jaxon go to work. Jaxon go on airplane). Awww!

Jaxon wearing Abu's hat. He might really be a pilot when he grows up!

Unfortunately, we had to make two airport drop offs. My dad left Sunday and my mom Monday. Torture! The poor little guy didn't know what to do. Monday night was just as bad as Sunday night. His new thing is to say, "Abaturtey bye bye. Yoya's house. Jashun pain." Albuquerque bye bye. go to Lola's house. Jaxon goes on a plane." It just breaks my heart. Thank goodness we'll be at Lola & Abu's house in a week!

Is this not heartbreaking?

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Ami said...

OH MY GOSH!! That was SO sad!! Poor buddy! On a more uplifting note, I lOVE the playroom! The Bunchkins will help him play in there in October!