Monday, April 26, 2010

What is With this Kid??

I swear Jaxon wants to be a Smurf or an Avatar! You remember a few weeks ago when he took a bite out of the blue sidewalk chalk? Well, yesterday we were painting and I turned my back for ONE SECOND! Literally, one second, I bent down to pick up a crayon and when I came back up he looks like this!

Don't you love how you provide a ton of paper and they still choose to color where they shouldn't!

A work of art!

When do kids stop putting EVERYTHING in their mouths??


Sarah said...

hee hee :) that reminds me of the friends episode with joey and the lipstick for men!!! ha :)

Ami said...

Seriously, that painting on his tray could be framed and be sold in some hoity toity gallery!

Jen said...

Quite the Picaso you have there :)