Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get A Grip

Brian & I have gone into business! Ok, Brian has gone into business. All I've done is make address labels & stuff envelopes.

In December, Brian was looking to fix the counter top at one of our rental houses in Tucson. One of the places he called was Get A Grip Resurfacing. Apparently, these people had a great product, but crappy customer service. For some reason, that I will never understand, Brian called the owner and asked if he could buy the Tucson branch. I'm not kidding. He thought he could do a better job of running the business so why not buy it? Again, not kidding! So after many phone calls and lots of discussions, Brian and his oldest brother became the owners of Get A Grip Resurfacing in March! Mike, Brian's brother, is the tech and Brian is the everything else.

Mike & Brian

Get A Grip resurfaces countertops, tile, laminate, cultured marble, fiberglass & porcelain.

Get a Grip’s Countertop Resurfacing features multi-color fleck designs, which give the look and feel of stone or granite to kitchen & bathroom countertops. They also specialize in porcelain refinishing, which means bath tubs & showers.
So, if someone used your countertop as a cutting board and left knife marks or if your bathroom is an ugly turquoise color, give Brian a call! (520) 742-2228 or go to website www.getagripinc.com, go to search states, type in Arizona & look for the handsome Pearson brothers! Make sure to mention you heard about them through the blog! Did I mention, they only own the Tucson branch?


Sarah said...

i'm hoping this really takes off and you guys can get on back to tucson really soon! :)

kershner3 said...

Do you think you will be moving back? This is great! Now, when we're looking at homes to buy, it won't matter if they have ugly countertops:)

Jen said...

Can we get work done here in Iowa :)