Sunday, April 25, 2010


I only have 5 days left of NaBloPoMo!

Ami gave me the idea of doing an acrostic (I think that's the word) of Jaxon's name. Fantastic
J umps on the bed

A dorable

eXcited about animals

O nery

N o is his favorite word

All I have to say is that I'm glad he only has 5 letters in his name!

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Ami said...

A-Awesome Mommy
N-Never misses a hair appointment :)
A-Always a good hostess
B-Buys lots of stuff at Target
E-Enthusiastic about shopping. Always.
L-Lives for Chai Tea...just like me
L-Loves a good pedicure!
E-Eager to move back to Tucson.... ( hee hee...)


A-Always down for a no-water, with whip chai
M-Mom of triplets
I-I wish my friend Anabelle lived in Tucson