Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a Gymboree Day!

Three weeks ago Jaxon graduated from Level 4 to Level 5.
Jaxon's certificate:
"This certifies that Jaxon Pearson
has successfully completed
Gymboree Play and Learn 4
and is ready to explore his
burgeoning imagination in Level 5!"

Jaxon didn't have to do anything tricky to graduate, he just had to turn 22 months. For those of you who have not experienced Gymboree, it is broken up by age. Jax started in Level 3 which is 10-16 months. Level 4 is 16-22 months and Level 5 is 22-28 months.
I really didn't want to move him just yet. The Level 4 Play class was on Fridays at 11:00 am which was perfect because we go to Music at 10:00 am. so that meant only one trip to Gymboree a week. Plus, I really like the kids & moms in the Level 4 class. Well, now that he had to move we go to Gymboree twice a week. On Tuesday mornings at 9:10 (UGH! It is a struggle getting out of the house that early on a day off) and again Friday morning at 10:00 am.
It dawned on me today why Jaxon is having a hard time at Gymboree:
1 - We rush out of the house. We have no time to "ease into the morning" as Brian says.

2- We are always late so Jaxon doesn't have a chance to get the lay of the land like he did in Level 4. If you are there a few minutes before class you can go on the play floor and explore before class begins & the rest of the kids arrive. Jax seems to need this time to feel comfortable, even though he's been going for almost a year now.
I guess I will need to get my butt out of bed earlier next week!

3- The kids in Level 5 are mostly ALL boys & they are quite aggressive.

But, I am happy to report he was nicer today to the other kids! He had to apologize ("Sowee, Parter") a few times and had only 1 time out, but he got the picture.
Going over a bridge


Sliding down the wedge

Watching the bubbles from afar.

I do have to say that we both LOVE Gymboree! Jaxon has learned so much and it is making him more social. He has learned to climb, take risks, be independent, clean up, use his imagination, jump, slide, pop bubbles, sing songs, etc, etc. It is a great 45 minutes for me & him to spend together (not that we don't spend plenty of time together). If you have a Gymboree near you I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It is so much fun. We also love the music class. Jaxon loves to dance, to learn new songs & his favorite is playing with the instruments. The best part of Gymboree is that he is exhausted and takes a nice long nap when we get home!

Jaxon's favorite part of Gymboree is the Gymbo stamps at the end of class. He loves to get a stamp on his "pipa" (tummy in Spanish).

He gets one on each foot, one one his tummy and one on each hand. That's 5 stamps! By the time those 5 have been washed off it's time to go to Music, where they get music stamps! Oh well. He loves it! He will show anyone who'll listen, "Ymbo amps" (Gymbo stamps)

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Sarah said...

too cute! i love that he gets a stamp on his tummy :)