Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shwim Fish Shwim!

You know how each and every store has knick knacks at their registers? The reason they put them there is because of me. I always throw something extra on the conveyor belt... gum, mints, chapstick, Wet wipes, batteries.Anything that looks as if I couldn't live without it! Well, Sunday was no different.
Jax & I went to Albertson's for some grocery shopping and of course I pick the SLOWEST line EVER! This always happens to me too. Why do I always choose the slow cashier, or the customer who argues about the price of every item in her cart? Anyway, so we are in line for about 5 minutes when I notice a package of "Magic Crawlers". You know the ones where you put them in water and they grow. How fun do those sound?? I made the mistake of showing Jaxon and telling him when we got home we'd put them in water and watch them get bigger. Immedietly Jax says, "Fish shwim watah." (Fish swim water). So for 10 minutes (yes the cashier was that slow!) we talked about the fish swimming when we got home.

We get in the car and there were about 5 cars behind me so I couldn't back up (why wouldn't there be when Jaxon is so anxious to get home?). Jaxon says, "Mama! Moove tar! Do!" (Mama! Move car! Go!).

FINALLY! We get home. I hand Jaxon the fish and he RUNS to the backyard and throws the fish into the fountain.

Can you tell how happy he is?

Not exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking putting them in a jar. Oh well, he wanted those fish to swim. OMG! He was sooo excited! "Mama! Watch. Shwim fish shwim." Then our party pooper daddy comes out and says, "Uhh. There's all kind of bacteria in that fountain." Oops! That was fun, getting all of the fish out and Jaxon trying to put them back in and screaming because the fish had to swim. He eventually was pleased with the water in the jar (after he drank from the extra water spurting out of the outside faucet while I was using the hose to fill up the jar).
Guess where he's going?

Yup, to the forbidden, bacteria infested fountain!

Dumping out the water so he could drink from the faucet again.

Can you see how wet his pants are?

Only TWO days left of NaBloPoMo! I can do it!

PS I just want to say that it is seriously hurting my heart to know that my baby will be turning TWO in a week! UGH! Can't believe it. It make me want to cry.


Sarah said...

doesn't brian realize that a fountain is a totally better home for fish than a jar??? jeez, he is NO fun ;)

Adam and Samantha said...

I'm so glad that someone else always gets in the slow line, that ALWAYS happens to me! Doesn't daddy know bacteria makes it so much more fun??? Can't believe he's going to be 2, wow time flies!