Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cute Jaxon Stories

Tonight I have a few assorted Jaxon stories.

Story Number One: Monday afternoon. Brian went to get Jaxon from the babysitter's house and she was telling him about naptime. She put all of the kids down and after awhile she hears laughing and giggling coming from Jaxon's room. She walks in and finds Jaxon in Jacob's playpen. The 2 of them were laughing hysterically at each other. She says, "Jaxon! What are you doing?" Jaxon stops, climbs out of the playpen, walks to his, climbs in and lies down as if nothing happened. Thankfully, he hasn't climbed out of his crib at home yet, but every night I feel as if he's going to come waltzing into our room in the middle of the night!

Story Number Two: Tueday morning. I realized on Monday that I had not been to Target in over TWO WEEKS! Yes, a record. How in the world did I survive without Target for that long I will never know. Anyway, Tuesday was my day off so I decided that after Gymboree Jax and I would head to the "good" Target. It has a Starbucks and is bigger than our "normal" Target. Jax was having so much fun at Gymboree that he did not want to leave, even though he'd already sang the Goodbye Song and gotten his million stamps. I said, "Jaxon, let's put your shoes on so we can go to Target." Jaxon raises one arm in the air and says, "Hooway! Tardet! Ets doh!" (Hooray! Target! Let's go!) He obviously missed Target too :) He is my child! When we got to Target he was the friendliest little boy! He said hello to everyone, showed them his animals, told them about his Gymbo stamps. It was hilarious. All kinds off ladies commented on what a well-behaved friendly little boy I had. If only they knew the truth!

Story Number Three: Thursday afternoon.Every kid that goes to Jaxon's babysitter's has a nickname. There's Squish, Crumbs, Peanut Butter, Lala, Bubba. So, one of Jaxon's favorite little friends is Peanut Butter. She is a cute blonde girl whose name is really Allyn, but no one calls her by her given name. Anyway, Jax is always talking about "Pea-ut Butter". Today when I picked him up and am driving him home he says, "Mama, Pea-ut Butter pushed me, Jaxon." It was so cute! He was so serious. I have to say, that this is the first time that Jaxon has said a full, complete sentence and it melted my heart. I was so proud and also so sad because he is just growing up so fast and learning so much each day. It brought a tiny tear to my eye. I was also struck by how he had to say his name at the end, just in case I didn't understand the severity of the situation! But I digress. I said to him, "Oh no Jaxon. I'm sorry. what did you do?" "Nice, Pea-ut Butter. Be nice" I guess he told her to be nice. How sweet! He came home and had to tell Lola. So I called my mom and he told her what Peanut Butter did. Then Brian came home and told him what Butter did. Of course what does Brian ask, "Did you push back?" "No. Nice Pea-ut Butter." "Is Peanut Butter still your friend?" "Yesh. Nice."

OH! I almost forgot! At the beginning of this month, I posted about Jaxon carrying his animals in a plastic bag. I am happy to say that he (well, I really) carries ALL of his animals in the backpack! He puts them in and makes me carry it. The bag cannot be zipped up though! He freaks out if you even zip it half way.

I think he carries a total of 12, plus Papi & Brother! And I bought him about 6 dinosaurs for his birthday!


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