Sunday, April 4, 2010

The BIG Easter Bunny

For my 4th blog of NaBloMoPo I will keep with the theme of the month which is BIG.

On Saturday, Jaxon & I went to visit the Easter Bunny at Cottonwood Mall. It was a very spur of the moment thing, Brian was at the driving range, Jaxon was playing nicely & quietly with his toys in the living room and I was thinking of starting dinner when I decided we had to see the Easter Bunny NOW! So I told Jaxon, "We are going to see the Easter Bunny, Bud. Let's change and get in the car." You would have thought I told him we were going to Disneyland, he was so excited! He starts yelling, "Bye Ucy. Bye Efant. Shut on. Pans on. Bye Ucy, atuh. Yay! E Bunny. Hooway E Bunny" (Bye Lucy. Bye Elephant. Shirt on. Pants on. Bye Lucy, later. Yay! Eater Bunny. Hooray Easter Bunny) He has never been dressed so fast and so accommodating. It was fabulous! We were out the door within 10 minutes of my deciding to leave.

The entire way to the mall I am prepping Jaxon. "We are going to see the EasterBunny. You are going to sit on his lap and have your picture taken with him. What do you say when someone takes your picture?" He would answer, "Hooway! E Bunny! Yay! E Bunny. Cheeeese" I started to think that he thought we were going to see the four legged, furry, little Easter Bunny. Not the big, gigantic bunny who wears clothes and humongous glasses! I started to panic a little bit. This may not go as well I thought it would.

We get to Easter Bunny and Jaxon was eerily quiet and calm. Hmmm. Not a good sign!
Waiting nicely for our turn.
( I can't say that I blame him. Easter Bunny was a little creepy looking. He was HUGE! compared to the little guys anyway. After waiting 30 minutes it's our turn.
At this point, I start telling Jaxon how nicely those girls are sitting and smiling. There's nothing to be afraid of. Easter Bunny is nice.
What does the Bunny do? He takes a break! Jaxon takes this time to find his voice and say, "Bye E Bunny. Ater. Ets go Mama." - Later. Let's go Mama. Yup, not going to go well. I had the fleeting thought of actually leaving without a picture. I knew at this point it wasn't going to be a good one, so why pay $24 for pictures where he is crying? But, like I said it was a fleeting thought. I had already invested 45 minutes into this we were sticking it out!

Thankfully, one of the Bunny helpers gave him a bear & bunny hat. He was happy.... for now!
Easter Bunny comes back and once again Jaxon get quiet. I take him out of the stroller and he turns to plastic wrap. He is clinging to me like no other. He has the hardest grasp on my shoulders I think he may have left a bruise. Oh dear. We should have left. I turn him over to Easter Bunny and he starts SCREAMING, "NO MAMA! NO E BUNNY." So what's a good mama to do? I sat him down and walked away! I did my best to tell him to say cheese and to smile but to no avail. Oh well. I got my picture. It will be a memory that we will look back on in 20 years and laugh. He will probably be in therapy however. Better start saving now.
At least he looked handsome in his sweater vest.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post... Easter Egg Hunt & Church!

All I can say is thank goodness I decided to do NaBloMoPo this month... lots going on!


Sarah said...

good for you for sticking it out and handing him over to the big scary bunny! the pic is priceless and adorable anyway :)

Mary said...

Totally worth's almost cuter that he is crying : ) At least it's more memorable!