Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puppy Has a Brother!

I have introduced you to our beloved "Papi" in the past and you all know how I have been on a mission to find an identical blue puppy with no success.


During that mission I did buy a blue puppy that Jax wanted nothing to do with.

The Impostor!

One time my mom tried giving the impostor to Jaxon and he would throw it at her as if to say, "That is NOT Papi!". Well, we have kept the impostor on his shelf in his bedroom for months. Yesterday he came across him, brought him to me and said, "Mama, noder Papi" (Mama, another Puppy). "Yup, that's another puppy, Bud. What's his name?" Jax looks at the new puppy, considers for a minute and says, "Broder. Papi's broder." I am assuming he means brother. So now, Papi has a brother that Jaxon carries everywhere! The kid needs to be an octopus. We has way to many things to carry.
"Papi" & "Broder"

I am mostly amazed with his naming the impostor puppy, Brother. Where did he learn that word? It's not like we ever talk about having a brother or even what a brother is! I'm sure it's from Frances' house. His little brain amazes me. He is such a smart little boy (at least, his mama thinks so!)

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