Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Little Parrot

The phrase "Watch what you say around the kids" has never been more true in our house than today! First let me start by tattling on myself.

Those of you who know Brian, know how much he loves his curse words! It's true, he has one colorful language to put it nicely! Ever since Jaxon was born I have been trying to "encourage" (a nice way of saying "nagging") him to curse less. Once Jax started talking, he would inherit those lovely words Brian loves so much. Well, he tried. I will give him credit. He cursed a lot less than usual, but not good enough for me.

Well, one day, Jax & I are home alone and I am cooking dinner. Jaxon is in the living room playing peacefully. In my typical fashion, I do something wrong with the recipe and say, "S*&#!" Well, what do you know? My little man starts saying, "S*&#!" "S*&#!" "S*&#!" For at least half an hour! SUPER! I had the conversation with myself, Do I tell Brian what happened? or do I let him think that Jaxon is saying it because of him? I decided that honesty was the best policy and when Brian came home I fessed up. He, of course, thought it was hilarious and quite ironic! Now he tells anyone who will listen the story.

Now, it has been months and Jaxon has forgotten about the naughty word and both of his parents are trying not to say them in front of him. This afternoon, Brian is watching the opening round of the Masters. Tiger Woods is putting for birdie on the 18th hole. MISSES!
Brian: "F #@*!"
Anabelle: "Language"
Brian: "Sorry, Babe"
Jaxon: "Fut!" (please remember that Jaxon cannot say the 'k' sound. He replaces it with a 't' sound)
Anabelle & Brian look at each other with panic in their faces.
Brian: "Yeah, Bud. We're watching golf."
Jaxon: "Fut!" Oh fut! Fut"
Brian: "Let's play dinosaurs"
Jaxon: "Fut. Fut. Fut"
Anabelle starts laughing uncontrollably.
Brian starts laughing uncontrollably. I mean what else can we do?
Jaxon starts laughing and saying it more! Oh dear!
Eventually everything is forgotten and we go on with our normal evening. We sit down for dinner and Jaxon decides he wants to give "knuckles". Which I think is totally adorable! He says, "Nuts." and puts his little fist out then opens is and make a bomb sound. Yes, his father taught him to "blow it up"! Thinking of NaBloPoMo I ran for the Flip Cam. We had to tape it on the sly because as soon as Jax sees the camera he wants to see "babies". So not too much into giving knuckles Jaxon starts off with "Fut. Fut." *sigh*
The funniest thing is that he throws his babysiter, Frances, under the bus! I ask him where he learned that word and he says, "Frases." Who knows if she's said it, but I doubt it. Of course Brian will now take no responsibility since Jaxon tattled on someone else!
Enjoy the video!


Sarah said...

OMG!!! that is too funny!!! my favorite part is when you ask him what the knucles are called and he says fut instead!!! good memory on that kid :)

Ami said...

Funniest SH#T ever!! That made my whole day!!

Bee-Jai said...

Tee hee!

Mary said...

Wow! It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard I had to wipe away the tears a few times!! I love how Brian is quick to give someone else the blame : ) Thanks for the laugh Jaxon!!