Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Training 2010

As you all well know, all Brian wants is for Jax to be a golfer. Well, the 2nd thing he wants is for Jaxon to play baseball. Brian has fond memories of playing little league as a kid, going to the batting cages and playing catch with his dad. Brian says he would have played baseball in high school but he was too chubby to run the bases (his words not mine). So, naturally he has been anxious to play baseball with Jaxon. Last week we bought him a Little Tykes T-ball set and today was a PERFECT weather day... sunshine, 60 degrees and best of all NO WIND!! We spent all afternoon outside playing baseball. I must say I was shocked at how much Jaxon not only liked it, but kept with it. A toddler's attention span is about as long as a fly's so for him to play for hours was amazing. Well, he did get distracted every now and again by the rocks, but never mind that he kept coming back to the bat and ball. Brian and I were also pleasantly surprised to see how coordinated he is. He actually hit the ball pretty well!

Here's our future Babe Ruth (he was a good baseball player right?)

Then he decided that using a baseball was overrated so he tried a soccer ball!

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Ami said...

Looks like you got yourself a lefty there! Those were such cute videos! He just looks pleased as punch with himself!