Friday, January 29, 2010

Ok, I don't want to brag...well, yeah I do, but Jaxon knows his letters! Not ALL of them, but the letters in his name and other random ones. Yes, I know that there are kids his age who know their letters too, can count, etc, but I'm pretty excited that MY child is showing signs of smartness. (I'm starting to understand Kindergarten mothers more and more each day... God help me if I become like some of them! No offense to kinder moms out there, but other teachers know what I mean! )
Now, I don't want you to think that I'm one of those moms who is pushing their child to know everything before he gets to kindergarten. On the contrary, I really don't want him knowing how to read or how to count to 100, he has to learn something from his teacher! I haven't really done anything besides name the letters occasionally, read to him everyday, oh, and there is that little video Meet the Letters that he watches occasionally. He just picked it up one day so who am I to crush his excitement for learning? One day I was wearing an Arizona shirt and he points to the A and says, "a" then points to the N and says "n" and it has gone on from there!
Here is Jaxon in the tub (where we do most of our letter practice) naming the letters.

Don't worry, I will NOT be buying the Your Baby Can Read series!


Sarah said...

don't worry, i'll buy it for you! just kidding, those kids are slightly creepy! joey is just cute! :)

kershner3 said...

Way to go Jaxon...and of course Jaxon's Mommy and Daddy:)If only every parent would simply READ to their child every day. What a difference it would make!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is the BEST movie ever! He is SO super smart. And it aade me very proud of you, Anabelle, because you are a great mom!
Rebecca Kochvar