Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Even Bother?

As any girl out there knows we spend years pondering names for our future babies. We have names picked out before we even husbands! I, being the typical girl, was the same way. Although, I had (and still have) tons of girl names chosen, but no boy names. Brian is the one who chose "Jaxon" well before we even thought about having a baby. He was very adamant about the spelling. It had to be with an "x" because he did not want anyone calling him "Jack". So, as soon as the ultrasound tech told us we were having a boy, Jaxon came to life, it wasn't even open for discussion (believe me I tried, even though I had no other names to offer).

This being the case, why do we hardly ever call Jaxon, Jaxon? Jaxon has more nicknames than any other person I know. Let's go through the list:


Holmes Skillet




Little Man

Little Boss








Most of these are courtesy of his father, but I am guilty of a few of them. My mom says that he is never going to know his name, which is coming true. The other day we were playing the "Name Game" (whose this, whose that?) When we got to Jaxon he said, "Bubba". So there you go. My mom is right!

We should have just put Bubba Joe Pearson on his birth certificate!


Ami said...

Okay, that picture? TOO CUTE! And yes, I remember even when Jaxon was like, weeks old, he already had a million nicknames! My favorite saying, with nickname was "I hear ya clucking big chicken!" Gotta love that fun husband of mine! :)

Sarah said...

this makes me feel so much better about naming our little boy. even though we already have the name picked out, i like calling him baby boy and i am POSITIVE that he will have his share of nicknames once he's born as well. jaxon will always be joey to me :)

Mary said...

That is so funny : ) You better get working on it, so he knows which name to write in kindergarten : ) And when the teacher calls out "Jaxon Pearson" you will want him to answer.

Jen said...

Ok, now that's a photo for the cutest baby contest for sure!