Monday, August 10, 2009

A Golfer in the Making

As you all know Brian is a golfer and he wants nothing more than for Jaxon to enjoy golf as much as he does (remember the golf clubs at 9 months old or the strapping him into the golf cart at 11 months). Brian is always talking about how he can't wait for Jaxon to be old enough to spend Sundays on the golf course with him, to take him to the US Open, go on weekend golf trips, etc etc. Luckily for Brian, Jaxon seems to have an interest (as much interest as a toddler can have) for golf. He picks up any golf club he can find, Dad's or his, and tries to hit balls and his favorite toy in the house is Brian's golf bag... lots of goodies in there!
This summer we have spent quite some time on the golf course. I drive the cart, Brian plays and Jaxon entertains himself on and off the cart. He has 2 favorite things... "drinking" water from our cups and taking the tees in and out of their little cubbies in the cart. He also likes when we pass the pond with the ducks. He looks at the ducks, looks at me, makes his hand go "quack" and then takes off toward the pond. I have no doubt that he would jump right into the water if we let him!
On this particular day I captured Jax playing with a golf ball that he had "borrowed" from Brian's bag, or as Brian would call it "stealing". He calls Jaxon his little golf klepto. As you will see in the video, Jaxon is a GREAT listener!! Kinder teachers, you will want him in your class... HA!

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Ami said...

Ok, was Jaxon drinking on the golf course with his dad?? That would explain that lack of listening and the swagger in his step! :) hee hee...seriously, it's so strange to see him walking around like that! I can't wait till we visit!