Friday, August 28, 2009

This video is HILARIOUS!! You may even want to watch it a few times, especially when you are having a bad day.

This past weekend, Brian & I decided that it was time for Jaxon to give up the pacifier (yes, very sad, just one more thing that ends his babyhood ). He has actually done really well, he really only used it to sleep. The first night he cried for 5 minutes then fell asleep, the next night it was 2 minutes and now he fusses until I close the door. Not too shabby!

Well, this evening, I went to make his bedtime bottle and when I opened the cabinet, he literally ran to it and snatched 2 pacifiers. I really wish I could have captured THAT on video. He immediately tried putting not 1, but 2 pacifiers in his mouth. When that didn't work this is what he did... If that wasn't funny enough, there is something a little unexpected at the end...

Now, how hilarious is it when he falls over???

The spinning thing is new. He started it last night and I have no idea why. I am guessing the kids at his babysitter spin. don't worry, he jumped back up and started spinning again! Yeah, yeah, I know... Mother-of-the-Year for laughing when my kid falls! You all have done it too.

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