Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here's the problem with having a blog... I am completely obsessed with it! I am always thinking about, "oh, can I post this on my blog?" or "How would I write about this?" Sometimes I feel as if I am too involved in my own blog thoughts to be present in the actual moment! Case in point, my post-op appointment with Dr. Coffman, aka Dr. McDreamy,

Thursday afternoon was the day I went to visit Dr. Coffman, which by the way I have decided he looks a little more like Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy than Brad Pitt. This was decided during my appointment with Dr. Coffman!

Maybe I should nickname Dr. Coffman Dr. McSteamy instead...

Anywhoodle. I am sitting on the exam table, Brian is sitting in a chair a bit behind me and Dr. Coffman is next to me on the Doctor stool. He asks us if we have any questions, which Brian and I did have a list. I ask the first one (Why am I soo tired and weak?) Dr. Coffman starts answering the question and let me demonstrate what was going on in my head

Anabelle's Inner Voice, "Gee he really is good looking. I really hope this isn't my last appt. with him. I need to really study his face and remember what he looks like. I should try describing him better on my blog. I don't think he looks like Brad Pitt. Aha! Dr. Sloan!.

Crap! I should really be listening. Am I staring. Focus Anabelle."

Dr. Coffman has now finished his answer and I have NO idea what he said! Brian has now asked another question (What were the results of the pathology tests from the lymphnodes?)

Anabelle's Inner Voice, "Ok this is important you really should listen. Uh huh, uh huh. This doesn't make sense. I should ask Dr. Coffman for a picture to post on my blog! How do I ask him?

"Uh Dr. Coffman would you mind if I took a picture of you? You see, I have a blog and have been journaling my cancer experience."

Dr., "Sure Anabelle that would be fine. What is your blog address? I would like to read it."

Crap! I can't give him my blog address, then I would have to go back and edit all of the posts that said he was cute! how embarrassing if he read that! Maybe I can give him Ami's blog. He wouldn't ask why my blog name was Bunch Babies would he?

I can't ask him for a picture! This stinks!

He stopped talking and I am still staring. Crap again! What now?

So this is why having a blog is a problem. I say good for those of you who have not given into the temptation of starting a blog!

Thank goodness Brian was there to pay attention. When we left I said to Brian, "Ok so tell me what Dr. Coffman was talking about." Brian looks at me for a second then says, "Were you too busy staring at your lovey lovey man to pay attention? Were his good looks distracting you?" So apparently it was obvious!

Anyway, here is the low down on the appointment:

1- He took the dermabond off of my incision. I think it will be almost invisible in a few months!

This was later that night. Yup, I was a little tired!

For the next year I have to either put sunscreen or cover it up when I am out in the sun. I also have to massage it for 15 minutes a day with Eucerin cream. I guess this will make it softer.

2- The cancer had spread to 2 of my lymphnodes. The pathology report confirmed that it was papillary cancer. He did remove both of the lymphnodes. In one of the lymphnodes was a parathyroid gland. The parathyroid gland is what controls your calcium levels so this is why I am still on 3 calcium pills a day.

3- The lethargic-ness is due to having no thyroid. I will continue to be tired until well after my treatment and my thyroid meds are adjusted.

4- I asked if my treatment could be postponed for a week and this was his response, "Why would you want to do that?" I said because of work (the last week of school is the 1st week of my low iodine diet and of being hypo thyroid). He tells me that "Work is not important right now Anabelle. You cannot postpone treatment!" Ok that settles that!

So that was it. I have been released from his care. boo hoo. Not only is he easy on the eyes, he is such a genuine, nice guy! He never made us feel rushed. He always seemed to truly care about my health and well-being. I will miss him.

I am now a patient of Dr. Edwards, an endocrinologist. He will be in charge of the rest of my treatment. I will see him on May 11 and have more info on when the diet will start and when I will have to have the radioactive iodine (RAI). You know I will keep you posted!


Fisher Family said...

I am really happy that you are doing so well and have such a wonderful sense of humor about it. I couldn't stop laughing! i have had that inner voice speaking to me at the strangest when I should be listening to something really important! I think you should have acted like you were texting and snuck in a shot. Just a thought: ) Wonder if he is on the net somewhere?!!!

Adam and Samantha said...

I'm glad everything is going well, I'm sorry you don't get to see the cute doctor anymore, but I think you should have taken a picture of him, by the time he saw your blog, you wouldn't have to go see him anymore and the rest of us would have had the joy of seeing him... I'm glad I'm not the only one with an"inner voice that pops up at really important times!

kershner3 said...

Hey Anabelle! I'm glad everything is going well and looking good. The Doc is right, nothing else is as important as your health. It's time to be focused on yourself. It seems like my mind wanders a lot after I ask someone a question, too. It's a good thing Brian was there with you:)

Anonymous said...

It's ok that you're addicted to the blog. Even though I do not have one of my own, I seem to be addicted to checking out everyone else's to see if maybe they have posted something new that day. We both have problems. HahA!
Love, Becky