Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beautiful Baby Search

For the past few years Regis and Kelly have an annual Beautiful Baby Search. Every year I watch the show and say to myself, "Whenever I have a baby I am definitely going to enter him/her in the contest." Well, the time FINALLY arrived! I was so excited when I heard the contest was starting. I searched and searched my computer for a picture of Jaxon that would give him the best chance. I even sent my mom several pictures to choose from and we studied them for quite some time before making a final decision. My application was accepted and everyday I check Regis & Kelly's website to see if his picture has made it. Sadly, his picture has not made the website. :(

Next week, March 9, will be Live's Beautiful Baby Week. This means that they will be showing thousands of babies who entered the competition. I am hoping that they will at least flash Jaxon for a split second. I will be super excited to see him on Regis & Kelly! So, set your DVRs and keep your eyes open for Jax's picture. Frankly, I think he should win the whole thing because of course I think he is the most beautiful baby, but I'm a little biased!
Seriously, how cute is this face?! I think he is worthy of winning $125,00 for college.


Jen said...

He has our vote for sure!

Ami +3 said...

His "quasi" godmother agrees with you! He should definitely win! And don't you worry...I watch Regis and Kelly every day! :)