Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our LONG Visit to the Eye Doctor

A few months of ago when I went in for my annual eye exam, the optometrist told me about a program she participates in called InfantSee. It is a free program for infants 6-9 months and they exam your baby's eyes to make sure everything is well. Well, I decided I would take advantage of it, I don't want Jax to have a lazy eye and ignore it!

I scheduled his appointment at 7:45 am Monday morning, yes VERY early for my day off. I figured this was the perfect time: Jax wakes up around 7:00 am, I would feed him, dress him and leave the house at 7:30 am. His nap time is at 9:00 am, we would be home by 8:30 am, at the latest perfect timing! Right? WRONG! I get there right on time, fill out all of the forms and go back into the exam room. The eye tech (?) does a her little tests with him and asks me some questions, then says I'm going to page the doctor she will be here shortly. It is now 8:15 am and I am thinking "Page the doctor? Isn't she here?" So Jax & I wait, the doctor show up at 8:35 am. She starts doing her tests and he is being cooperative for about 5 minutes. He starts to get fussy and she is like, "Oh you are doing great just hang in there for a few more minutes." I tell her his nap time is at 9:00 am so he probably won't last very much longer. Now it is 8:45 and the doctor says, "The tech is coming in to give him drops and I will be back in 15 minutes to look in his eye." 15 minutes!! This kid is going to lose his marbles if he doesn't get to sleep soon.

Drops go in, he does fine, maybe we can make it 15 more minutes. The tech leaves and it's just me and Jax. I had to pull out all of the stops, sitting in the chair, sitting on the floor (on top of my jacket), singing, dancing, walking up and down the hallway. We did it all. All the while time is ticking away and he is getting fussier and fussier.

It is now 9:15?!?! What happened to 15 minutes? By now Jax couldn't keep his peepers open a second longer and he fell asleep on my shoulder... he NEVER does that! I finally see the doctor walk by our exam room with her purse! The lady left the office to do a Starbucks run in the middle of our exam! She FINALLY walks in at 9:40 am. We have been there 2 hours. So much for my perfect timing. She finishes her exam, with a barely awake Jaxon and we are on our way home 2 hours and 20 minutes later. To make things even more adventurous, it was snowing when we walked out the door. Well, not really adventurous... just something different.
Jaxon waiting as patiently as he can in the exam chair. He is such a big boy!

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