Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!

We had our first "Official" snow of the season. It snowed all day Monday and all Monday night. We bundled Jaxon up and took him outside (in the afternoon, after his visit to the eye dr. and nap) to see snow for the first time. He was not impressed! He just gave us this look like, "yeah it's snow what's the big deal?" Brian says he is a Tucson boy at heart and wants nothing to do with cold weather, can't say that I blame him. Lucy on the other hand loves the snow! She tries to catch snowflakes and chases them around... sooo funny!

Since it was snowing so much, Brian went out to buy a snow shovel and salt. He has finally learned his lesson after 2 years of borrowing snow shovels or not shoveling at all. He shoveled the driveway 3 times between 4:30 and 8:00 pm. at 8:00 pm he decided to give it one last shovel before the morning. I went out at about 8:30 to tell him we were going to have a delay day the next morning. He was nowhere in sight and the driveway was not clear. I'm thinking "Where is he and what has he been doing for the past half hour?" A minute later he come walking up from the neighbor's house. I immediately say, "Were you just hangin' out at Dave's house this whole time?Weren't you supposed to be shoveling the driveway?" He says, "I did! I just went over to Dave's to give him some salt and the driveway is covered again." SO he started shoveling again for the 3rd time and I walked back inside... no way did I want to be given a job! Poor guy. I did feel bad. Even though he walks in a little bit later, all wet and cold, with a huge smile on his face and says, "That was actually fun!" Huh? Shoveling snow in 20 degree weather does not sound fun to me. But to Brian it was. He is so random. Here are pictures of our snow. This snow actually gave me a snow day! And they think we may have another one on Friday, which if we do, I would have worked zero days this week!
Lucy chasing snowflakes

Our front yard. Anyone wanna buy that house on the corner? We are GREAT neighbors!

This is supposed to be a bunny in the middle of the road. Just sitting. I tried getting a picture, but you can't see him. I love how the snowflakes glow though.

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Fisher Family said...

So glad it's there and NOT here.Love to look at it and play in it...don't want it to stay! Be careful out there.