Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heard in Kindergarten Today

Just a few funny things heard in my class today....
* We are standing up for the Pledge and a little boy announces "Mrs. Pearson, my butt really itches!"
* A few minutes after this another boy comes out of the bathroom and yells, " I have to go to the nurse! I peed my pants. Look Mrs. Pearson, it's right there. Look what I did."
* The mosquito (see 1st blog) comes up to me and says,
Mosquito: "Mrs. Pearson, something bit me."
Me: "What bit you?"
Mosquito: "Obama."
Me: "Obama? Did you say Obama? Who's Obama?"
Mosquito: "I don't know, but he bit me? Can I have a band-aid?"

Never a dull moment I tell you! What will tomorrow bring I wonder?

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Jen said...

I truly miss being in a kinder class all day!