Friday, October 24, 2008

Flip Video

Last week Brian and I were at Costco and I started browsing the video camera section to see what I could ask for Christmas. I came upon this VERY cool Flip Video Camera. It is the size of a regular camera, but it takes up to 60 minutes of video! This is perfect for us I thought. So I casually mention it to Brian, hoping that he'll say "All right, we'll see." Well, he did even better... "Do you want to get it now?" WHAT?! Of course! A new toy to play with. So I took a video of Jax making a mess of lunch, and I am going to try to upload it. If this works and it is simple... watch out! I will inundate my blog with videos of Jaxon and Lucy!


Ami said...

I'm SO proud of your bloggerific skills! A video AND music!! You rock! Makes me think I should get out my video camera...Anyway, GOOD JOB my friend!!

Anonymous said...

You have such a good husband! The video turned out great! I may be a little partial but he is the cutest baby!!