Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So About a Photo Dump?

Yep. It's been 6 months since I have updated the blog. Shame on me! I have plenty of Reesey stories to write about, but just haven't gotten around to it. So to help me get over the hump, let's do a photo dump! It's my fave type of post. :)


I had to have another thyroid surgery and Reese was the best
nurse maid I could ask for! She never left my side. 

How adorable is she? 

I found them giving each other kisses on the couch. 

A rare moment with Izzy.

While on medical leave I took the opportunity to have lunch
with my favorite boy.

Reese absolutely loves having her toes & and nails done

Showing off her 'manicure'

We played mini golf one day and Jaxon got a hole in one!


Every year our district holds a huge display of student work.
This is Jaxon's 100 year old portrait. 

The CWE Kinder Team at Vail Pride Day

Passing out Valentines at the traditional party

Jax lost his third tooth in February

A little reading in the driveway

Reese's outfit of choice for gymnastics

Love these two!

March Madness was upon us and we all supported our Wildcats!

A get together with the Bunchs meant a little sleepover for the kiddies

Kinder graduation pictures.
Sniff sniff


Princess Reesey

Brian & I celebrated 10 years of marriage early.
In Vegas

A night out on the town!

Jax wrote me a note & left it on my desk at work. <3 br="">

3 Divas 


A kindergarten tradition is the Wedding of Letters Q & U. It is a fancy event!
Reese came in her finest attire! 

Jaxon was the best man

The wedding party.
Seriously, the cutest thing EVER!

Wilbur Wildcat visited Cottonwood

All dressed up for pictures

April also meant the Air Show


Reese was very sick over Easter weekend. 

Doing her best to look for eggs, although she was
not 100%

By the evening she was feeling much better

More sibling love. 

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