Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reesey Funnies

So Reesey is FINALLY talking! I am super excited about this! There are a lot of things she says that we still do not understand, but for the most part you can have a conversation with her. Well, if you ask her yes or no questions or one word answer questions. 

Here are some of my favorite conversations with Reesey as of late...

Me, Who wants pancakes?"
Reese, "Me!"


Me, "Reese, tonight we are going to church. This means you have to be good. You have to listen, be quiet, you can't scream or walk around. Do you think you can be good?"
Reese, "UUUUMMMMM Noooooo."


Me, "Reese, you want to take a nap?"
Reese, "No lede (lady)."


Her new thing is to say "Welcome" to you. For example...

 She will hand you something (mainly things you do not want to hold or did not ask for) and says, "welcome".  
I will hand her a napkin and she says, welcome

 Or my favorite.

Reese, "I lub oo".  
Me, "I love you too!" 
Reese, "Welcome"

OMG! I die every time! I don't know why I find that so funny, but I do.

She has quite the personality, this little one. Her favorite Christmas present this year was by far the sunglasses and fake glasses. She wears then ALL.THE.TIME!

Even upside down

Inside and to the store

Or to Lola & Abu's house

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