Monday, April 15, 2013

Trophy Winner

Jaxon finished his first season of tee-ball last month. He is getting so good! I'm really happy we started him in a winter league. It was a nice way to ease into the game and our new life as a baseball family. He's now in more serious league and he has learned a lot. All he ever wants to do is practice hitting, catching, or throwing, much to Brian's delight.

I believe his motivation this season stems from the trophy he earned in his first league. Oh.My.Word was he excited to receive a trophy! He looked at me and said, "I earned this? Did I get this trophy because I was a good player?" I took this opportunity and told him that if he tried really hard with Coach Rob, he might earn another trophy.

Last Game with the Rattlesnakes

Jaxon's biggest fan.
She will yell to him and clap while he's playing

He's stunned to be receiving a trophy! 

Best buds.

Proud boy

He was so proud of this trophy that he wouldn't let it out of his sight. He carried it everywhere... the bathroom, bed, dinner, church, Target. Everywhere. I was so worried he would break it that I told him he couldn't carry around any more. He insisted on taking it to church, but would put it in my purse for safe keeping. No problem. When we got home he asked me to carry it inside because he didn't want to walk with it in the garage in case he tripped. No problem. I got it. Yeah. I got it so well, I forgot it was in my hands, along with a million other things, and I dropped it. On the tile. And it broke. In at least 3 pieces. UGH! I still haven't lived that down. a month later. Oh well. I imagine it won't be the last time I break his heart.

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Ami said...

Yikes! That's like a parent's worst nightmare! (Okay, well maybe not the worst, but still). Hopefully the next trophy he receives makes up for this one!