Friday, April 12, 2013

Happies and Crappies

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I have totally slacked on Happies & Crappies! Let's see if I can even remember this week! 


* I've been worried about Reesey's speech, or lack there of, for several months now. I reached out to the speech therapist at my school and she hooked me up with one of her professors at the University, who is doing a Word Learning Study with toddlers. I contacted her and Reese has an evaluation on Monday. This is a happy because I'm confident she'll qualify and will hopefully receive some (free) services. 

* While at the baseball park on Monday, a dog passes by Reese & me. Reese points to the dog and says, "Woof woof"  Holy happy mama!!! 

* Jaxon is starting to take an interest in reading. He has been asking me to point to the words as I read then he points to them and repeats what I say. It's a good start. 

* I snuck out to Target by myself this week. That is ALWAYS a happy!


* I didn't get to the gym at all this week. Ugh.

* Reesey has a touch of the stomach flu. Seriously, can she catch every germ out there? Sheesh!

* My kindergartners were W-I-L-D WILD! Yikes. Well, wild as in very chatty. When I asked why they were talking so much while I was trying to teach, one girl told me, "Because talking is fun and listening is boring." Nice.

* You all know about my unconditional love for Ricky Martin right? A little history here and here

Best day of my life. September 2005
NYC Evita. June 2012

Albuquerque April 2011

 Well, he is the new judge on The Voice Australia, random, I know. Anyway, it started this week and I was super excited when he posted a link on Twitter to the first episode. I started my Monday by watching the first episode. So fantastic! The Voice Australia is like the The Voice America, where they have 2 episodes in one week. So Tuesday, I went to their official website, clicked on the 'View Episode 2" link and I get this
The video is not authorized for your location (US)
What does that even mean?!?! I though this was the WORLD wide web. As in available ALL OVER THE WORLD.

GRRRRR! I'm so flippin' mad! I've tried literally a million times this week, from my laptop, from my phone, from the iPad, from Brian's laptop, from Brian's phone. Literally a million times (or 100 Billion Courtney :) ). Every day. Over and over.   I am so desperate I'm considering Tweeting Ricky Martin himself and begging him to post a link. Hey, that'll be one heck of  a Happy if he Tweets me back!! I just don't quite understand Twitter.

Pretty bland week. Could have been better, could have been worse. 

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Courtney said...

And how many zeros are in the number 100 billion? ;) PS: that is super lame about the voice! Super lame!