Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Photo Dump!

Are you prepared to be overloaded with pictures? I found some cute pictures of the kiddos from January I thought I would share, and you know, for that day I finally print the blog. Maybe that should have been my new year's resolution.

She carried this carrot around for a good 45 minutes.
And yes, she ate a good amount of it.

Lucy would not leave Reesey's side.

Her persistence paid off.

 We've been experimenting with piggies...

 Even Jaxon wanted to get in on the action!

OMG! This melts my heart.
Lucy needs love.

Jaxon built his own ocean

Enjoying a warm afternoon
Reese absolutely LOVES Jaxon's Pottery Barn! So much, that she will go to any lengths to sit on it. 
Jaxon can't wait for hers to come in. 

Jax wasn't into sharing, so Reese got a deluxe chair to herself :)

This rocking chair was mine when I was about Reesey's age.
She loves to rock in it!

My blue eyed girl
Love her, drool and all!

And my brown eyed boy

Modeling the dress my uncle brought her from Puerto Rico


I flashed forward 12 years.
My heart dropped a little bit

 Love my sleeping babies

Reese loves to help me get ready.
This hat was the best find at Lowe's the other weekend!

Oh, these smiles melt my heart!

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Courtney said...

Love all the pics!!! The piggie tails are adorable (even on Jaxon). You have some cute babies!