Thursday, November 8, 2012

Self Portraits

Jaxon has learned how to take pictures on my phone. He figured this out while we were in San Diego last month. He too over 200 pictures of himself! They cracked me up! 
Now I find pictures of my smiling boy every few days and it totally perks me up. He's even starting to take pictures of Reesey.

This is my favorite sequence to date.

Okay, I realize this post was a stretch, but I refused to miss a post just 8 days into NaBloPoMo. It's late for me, I'm tired, progress reports are due tomorrow, invoices for Get A Grip must be done, lunches and snacks to pack. So yeah. This was a stretch, but hey, better than nothing right??


Danielle Geck said...

I loved it! This is how all my posts are.... just silly pictures! A + from me!

Nicole said...

I liked it! I'm gonna do it too!