Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy Body

Now that Reesey is on the move she cannot be trusted. The girl is quick and into everything! She is not satisfied with measly baby toys, girl must play with anything but toys. When caught doing something naughty she usually gives you her toothy smile, claps and laughs. As if to say, "I dare you be mad at a cute little girl like me."

And it usually works. How can you mad at her?

Yeah. I wasn't drinking soda. 

"Yay! I'm so cute!"

"Since you shooed be away from the pantry,
 I'll help you unload the dishwasher."


"I'm so cute and helpful!"
OMG, she LOVES this candle! I need to put it away because she is a magnet for it.

You can't turn you back for a second!

Onto something else to eat.

Love her to pieces! 

Day 9 down. Whew! 


Mary said...

That tooth smile is too cute!

Danielle Geck said...

This is totally Griffin too!!! Ahhh!