Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Tuesday

Jaxon & I leave for school at around 6:40 am. Today I had an early meeting so we left at 6:30. The sun was barely peeking over the mountains and Jaxon says, "Holy guacamole! It's darker than an elephant in a tree!" WHAT?  That's funny stuff. 


When my grandma was here, she gave Jaxon $50 to spend on anything he wanted. In the past few months he's had his eye on a few things in a Lakeshore Learning catalog he got from school. Immediately he said he wanted the tub of 100 animals. Yes, 100. 

We have been waiting so very patiently for them to arrive. This afternoon we are sitting in the living room when the door bell rings. OMG did the kid go nuts! He didn't even know it was a package because I had no idea it had even shipped!  He was beside himself when we opened the door and there on the doorstep was a box with little cartoon children on it. He knew immediately what it was, he's very familiar with those cartoon children. 

He propped his chair up between the couch and the table to be out of Reesey's reach.


A few minutes after opening the package I sit with Jaxon to look at all 100 animals. I have my leg resting on the coffee table when I feel little teeth bite down on it. Reese got me! I gave a little "OW" and she responds by giving me a 'hug'. 

It's ok Mama. I won't do it again.
Except she did. THREE times!
Bite, hug. Bite, hug. 

To make up for the biting she helped me with laundry. 
Which was perfect because all afternoon I've been trying to get a picture of her standing all alone. 

Look Mom! No hands AND I'm eating a sock!

She was really helpful in case you can't tell :)

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