Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jiminy Cricket!

Or maybe Jiminy Grasshopper. 

While Brian and Jaxon were cleaning the pool the other morning, they rescued a grasshopper. The little dude was clearly out of it since he let us stare him down for like 45 minutes. Reesey was especially interested in him. He was having no part of her though. Can't say that I blame him since she would have eaten him had he let her grab him!

Jaxon moved his hand too quick and our little friend flew away

See, she even tries to eat Jaxon's face!

Showing off or drying out his wings

Lucy had NO idea there was a creature under her

Yup, still no clue. The grasshopper was freaking out though.

Poor blind weiner

Bored with this grass and moving on.

Today we took a quick trip to the zoo with our BFFs. It was a perfect morning, cool and overcast. All of the animals seemed to be out and about and also enjoying a day under 100 degrees. 
We kind of zoomed through the exhibits since there was a train waiting to be ridden at the end of our trip. Next time, we should plan on only riding the million dollar train.

The tiger was up

3 little monkeys... Brody, Delaney & Jaxon

Griffin and Reese
Reese looks innocent now, but 2 minutes later she was stealing Griffin's toys

Daddy lion on the prowl

Mama Lion

Baby Lions

These otters were 'hugging'. We should have baby otters soon. :)

How cute is that baby zebra

The best group picture we got all day. 

The tortoise getting a bath

Being pushed around is tiring. 

Jaxon was having no part of posing with his sister

So excited to ride the train!

Another attempt 

Reese was so excited to be on the train

Brinley also loved the train

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