Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Simply Snapshots

Meridy has done it again! She has taken stunning pictures of my babies! I am so in love with each and every one of these pictures. I want to order a 16x20 of each photo and cover my walls with them. I'm not kidding. 

We'll start with Jaxon. 
She offered a mini-shoot for back to school. Please notice the background. Jaxon wrote his name on the chalkboard and under he wrote a 'P' for Pre-school. First of all, I'm SUPER proud he could write his name in order and with fairly good formation. Second of all, I'm excited he knew how to write a 'P'! We haven't even practiced at home! Thanks Preschool! 

He makes me so proud

I honestly think he will be able to read all 3 of those books
in 2 years. 

Love love love

And now on to Reese. There are no words. 

My absolute favorite

She's showing off her clapping skills here

Her lips. I'm in love with them.

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The Whiteds said...

Gorgeous! I just love those kids! I just want to kiss those cheeks on Reese! Jaxon is growing up so fast! I miss that funny guy!