Monday, July 9, 2012

7 Month Pictures

Reese is 7 months now and that means it was time to update her pictures. I know, I know.  I have her pictures taken a lot, but I took Jaxon to JC Penney every 2 months his first year, so I must do the same with Reese.

Thankfully, I met a great photographer at school. Meridy's daughter was in Ami's class last year and she takes awesome pictures! So we found ourselves at her house this week to take Reese's 7 month pictures! (Meridy also took each kid's pictures in May)

What I love most about these pictures is the dress she's wearing. My grandmother had it specially made for Reese. She wanted Reese to wear home from the hospital, but Reese was so tiny. It finally fits her and she looked beautiful in it!

This smile melts Brian's heart everytime!

I know she's mine, but isn't she a beauty?

I love when babies play with their feet

Yeah. She's done.

Oh that face. 

I can't wait for her 9 month pictures! We have something super cute planned. If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably have  a good idea.

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Nicole said...

Super super cute!!!